Basement / Suits

Basement renovation and finishing is an art and takes experience and knowledge to ensure the design works and there are no surprises!

From optimizing floor plans, maximizing ceiling height, hiding mechanical, and ensuring your investment is not damaged. Our designers can help you have it all.

The wide array of skillsets our team has will ensure the job is done right and that your basement will be the envy of the neighborhood giving you full use of this valuable space.

If you are hoping to discover the very best in Basement renovation and Suites Finishing in the Okanagan and Kelowna, we have you covered. Offering friendly, high quality, reliable, trustworthy, and professional Basement renovation and building company services our team at Creative Contractors Okanagan always takes every measure to provide the ultimate in client satisfaction. Highly regarded in the Kelowna and Okanagan BC communities and well respected for our Suits Finishing and Basement renovation projects and accomplishments, an excellent all-around experience is always our main goal for customers. Focused on providing premiere service in all aspects of Basement renovation and Suits Finishing our attention to detail, deep industry knowledge and years of qualified experience is what helps us stand out from the other local Okanagan and Kelowna BC competition. Dedicated to elite performance and extremely high standards of craftsmanship there is nothing that will be missed when hiring us at Creative Contractors Okanagan for the job.

As experts in Suits Finishing and Basement renovation, we at Creative Contractors Okanagan take close care to leave every work order a success and every client satisfied. Always highly focused on offering Basement renovation and building company services you can count on we strive to assure our basement renovation and Suits Finishing in Kelowna and Okanagan BC projects are done just right. We know just how important construction projects which can be is why it is so vital to make sure your home designs and plans are completed to the highest quality of standards and specifications. If you do require Suites Finishing or Basement renovation anywhere in the Okanagan or Kelowna, we have an entire Basement renovation and building company support team standing by ready to assist you on whatever questions you may have or construction issues you may need solved. If you are searching for a basement renovation and building company that puts your best interests as a number one priority do not hesitate to reach out and contact us at our Creative Contractors Okanagan office.

Creative Contractors Okanagan LTD provides fully integrated building services for the residential sector focused on constructing additions in the Okanagan area. We know how painful moving can be because the home you love just doesn’t have the space required for your growing family or needs.

Why move when you can potentially build an addition to your home, which in turn creates a more functional space that you’ll love. Not only that! you can continue enjoying your neighbourhood while increasing the value of your house.